Vulcan Cladding

Vulcan Cladding is created from thermally modified New Zealand plantation timber and engineered with a patented vertical grain construction for superior weathering characteristics. A fine sawn face allows a depth of grain, and optimal coating performance. The thermal modification process and vertical grain structure means Vulcan Cladding has enhanced stability, reduced resin content, is a beautiful homogeneous brown colour, and is naturally durable so does not require any chemical preservatives.

Natural Durability

This product is naturally durable, and contains no wood preservatives. Just as nature intended.

Natural Stability

Vulcan Cladding is manufactured with a vertical grain orientation, which means the weatherboards have great stability, even in harsh conditions.

Vertical or Horizontal Cladding

Vulcan Cladding can be used in vertical or horizontal applications. WB10 profile is a secret fix profile that can be used to create a vertical shiplap look.

Climate Credentials

Vulcan Cladding is a carbon negative building material. Each square metre of 20mm thick Vulcan Cladding stores 9.74 kg of carbon.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certified

A guarantee that forest products come from responsibly managed sources, including forest management and chain of custody.

Declare Certified

Declare certified Red List Free by the Living Futures Institute, the leading label in transparency for building products.

Red List Free

Free from Red List chemicals as required by the Living Building Challenge.

Built To Last Warranty

Vulcan Cladding is covered by a 15 year Built to Last Warranty.

Abodo Cladding Projects

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